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Achieving perfection is thing of dreams. Our content is customized to a tee and carefully curated to be as close to perfect as you can imagine. Hence, our editors strive to ensure that – 

Any content we publish is exclusive to our website
All data is factual, and opinions are not defamatory.
Any data borrowed from a source is cited accurately.
Any content included in the article is relevant to the domains that we cover, and our readers are interested in.
All content is free from promotional material, vendor-specific references or contact information of any kind.

When contributing to Sceptertech Digital (sceptertech.digital) or any of its subsidiaries/brands (aixoutlook.com/ infosecurity.com/ fintechoutlook.com/ hrtechviews.com/ ioeoutlook.com), we also hope you realize and accept that –  

We (Sceptertech Digital) reserve the rights to edit and publish articles at our own discretion and submitting an article does not ensure it will be published. We assume the right to edit any submitted articles for reasons including, but not limited to, style, accuracy, length, headlines, sub-heading, titles, format changes and legal compliance. We reserve the right to re-publish or promote said article on our social media channels, ensuring your identification as the author.  
Once submitted, we may utilize the content at any point in time, assuming that the content has only been shared with us. We do not take responsibility, legal or otherwise, for personal opinions, errors or omissions on your part.  

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