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Do Strategies Work?

When it comes to content marketing strategies, let it be understood – There is no one right way to do it.
It is a widely accepted fact that human attention span is inversely proportional to content overload. With audiences being flooded with all types of content, over multiple channels, and in volumes that no single human can handle, moderating content delivery is potentially the best way to go.

However, with each unique audience, comes a unique strategy that works.

Identifying that strategy can, however, be slightly mind-boggling. Mind-numbing even, but not impossible.

As is with most things, certain patterns (otherwise dubbed “strategies”) have emerged from trial and error the help identify what works and what doesn’t. And be assured, one of these is going to work for you!

The E3 Model of Content Marketing is one such strategy – it is as universal as any strategy can be. In general, when tweaked a little to suit a business’ targets, it works for a larger portion of masses.

So let’s dive into what the E3 Model is –

Very simply put, it lays down guidelines for a business to follow while creating content. These guidelines elaborate what the content creators end-goal should be, and what the audience should experience through the content.

The first E – EDUCATE

This one’s pretty straightforward.
Any content you present to your audiences should be informative. The value-additions you make to your content are going to keep your audience feeling that they are party to knowledge they did not possess previously. And this, in turn, will increase customer engagement – we’re a species hungry for knowledge, and any new information is bound to catch our attention.

But why am I repeating what you’ve already heard every marketeer say?
To point out the futility of content that doesn’t educate.

So, as a reiteration, educating your audiences by adding information that is valuable is the most important goal while utilizing content to market your service offerings.

But there’s a fine line to be towed – While enlightening content can be impactful, you don’t want to lose your audiences’ attention. To ensure this, avoiding “fluff” is imperative.
It can be tempting to create long content, that satisfies search engine algorithms and looks as though a lot of time and effort have been put into it. And long content does have a lot of benefits –
It generates better leads, is more likely to convert them and from a writer’s perspective, provides more opportunity to be creative.
But, from a reader’s point of view, this fluff is a deterrent. They’d rather click off your blog than spend their valuable time reading unnecessary information.

And that, leads us to The second E – EXCITE / ENTICE

As is expected, as more content pours into the world wide web each day, it becomes more difficult for you to stand out. Add to that varied target demographics and differentiated content purpose, and you find yourself in a bit of a soup.

How do you maintain the value of your content while also making it exciting to consume?

And even more difficult is actually getting someone to click on your content – You have about 30 words to intrigue them enough to click and go through the rest of the post.

So, we suggest – abandon normalcy.
Take that risk, create a multi-media strategy. Say the things no one else is saying, even if they are controversial.
There are multiple examples out there of brands that have made an impact through their out-of-the-box marketing campaigns. Be one of those brands.

Finally, The Third E – ENGAGE

While making your content information-rich and also exciting enough to get people invested, what you shouldn’t forget is the third E.

It goes without saying that maintaining a continuous relationship with your customers is not a choice, but a compulsion. To ensure that a customer remains loyal, companies go above and beyond.
And you should too.
Make content that has call-backs, in conversational and calls your audience to action. Have poll, webinars and interactive elements (multi-media is helpful here). Create a brand universe, appeal to your audiences through a brand story. Do what you will to avoid a customer disengaging from your brand.

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