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Why work for Sceptertech Digital?  

We subscribe to the idea of “Quality Above all Else” come hail or storm, we will prioritize the quality of our content.

Complete transparency – there is no secrecy,nothing is off limits.

Respect is paramount – we respect authority, opinions and most importantly, personal boundaries.
Everyone checks their own performance – we don’t micromanage.
Growth is directly proportional to contribution – nothing is unachievable.
Competition is always healthy – we’re not cut-throat savages (nor do we want to be).

So, if you are someone who enjoys keeping in touch with the digital era and would like to be part of our revolution, head on over to the Jobs section to see how you can contribute.

Not Looking for a Full-Time Job?

You can make one-time contributions to our brands or contribute to our series of guest and analyst interviews!

Your thoughts and experiences deserve an outlet and viewership. However, keeping in mind that we want to provide our readers the best content available, there are certain things you may be able to do to ensure that. 

The general guidelines for contributing to Sceptertech Digital or any of its subsidiaries –

Chances are, if it’s a popular trend, we’ve covered it already. Look through our archives to ensure this isn’t the case. If you have knowledge or opinions that educate us and our readers, be sure to highlight those.  

The best way to write something is to leave behind broad views and generalizations. Narrow your focus and write only things that are relevant to your topic of discussion. Generic information doesn’t really resonate with readers, so adding it will only make your content stale.  

Don’t be afraid to add examples, images and arguments that forward your case. Even add that pop-culture reference that comes to your mind. Anything that supports your facts, opinions and argument deserves to be in the article.  

We want to hear your unfiltered thoughts. It would be extremely disappointing if we find out you’ve borrowed from or taken credit for someone else’s hard work. 

Proof-read your article before sending it in, or better yet, ask a co-worker or peer to do it for you. Re-reading your article will reduce the need for re-drafting or formatting.  

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